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We have a simple goal of bringing Artists to Customers and Customers to the Artists. As Artists ourselves, we have spent many years traveling and participating in art shows across the Northwest and have gained a good grasp on what we’d like to see in an art event. Meridian is the fastest growing city in the Valley and has great potential for an outdoor fine art and craft fair. Kleiner park is the perfect setting – beautiful, with a large grassy area for our little canopy city. The park is also known for having the nicest bathrooms in the state, plenty of parking, and a wonderful place for kids to play. It is also close to the very popular Village in Meridian with easy access and has plenty of parking. With the help of our incredible vendors and collectors, we are looking forward to watching this event grow. 

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Sherry Kistner

co- Producer

Sherry Kistner has been connecting creators to customers for over 30 years with the Payette Lakes Fine Art and Craft Fair in McCall, Idaho. She started her career as a stained glass artist, selling her bright and beautiful eye catching creations on the circuit – traveling from state to state and supporting her family on her art. It didn’t take long for her to start promoting events.  She has run festivals in Sun Valley, McCall, and a very popular Christmas event in Boise throughout her career. Now she focuses on making Payette Lakes the best it can be for her artists. She brings a wealth of knowledge and commitment to this new adventure as a mother-daughter production duo, to the city of Meridian. 

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Payette Lakes Art Fair


Lauren Kistner in front of her art fair booth


Lauren T Kistner


Passionate about the world of arts and crafts, I am an avid creator honing my craft through years of participating in, coordinating, and curating various shows and exhibitions. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the artistic process, I have consistently brought my unique vision to life. My journey in the arts has been characterized by a commitment to learning, sharing and collaborating with fellow artisans. I believe that each show is an opportunity not just to showcase my work, but to connect with a diverse community of makers, collectors, and enthusiasts who share my passion. Drawing from my experience in other shows, I am excited to bring a fresh perspective and a rich tapestry of creativity to the Meridian Fine Fires Festival. We hope to create a memorable and inspiring experience for all.

Payette Lakes Fine Art & Craft Fair – Co-Producer, 2009 -Current

We Art Women (the Reboot) A benefit for the WCA – Event Chair 2019 – 2020

Local From Global – Event Chair 2021-Current

Coming Soon – Art Source Gallery’s Art in the Alley – Co- Producer

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Lauren T Kistner Arts